You’ve Met Your Soulmate

7 Undeniable Ways You Know You’ve Met Your Soulmate

Whenever we fall in love, we envision this one is our soulmate.  But how do we really know?  The definition of soulmate is a person who can be your ideal partner in life, either as a treasured friend or a lover.  When you met your soulmate, your relationship will be filled with joy and enjoyment.  It feels like you are being truly seen for the first time.  You have a soul connection that brings out the brings out authentic nature of you both.  Typically, people envision this relationship lasting a lifetime.  Yet, soulmate bonds can span a short or long timespan.  We have compiled a list of helpful tips to recognize if you have met your soulmate.

  1. Chemistry: When you are together the energy just seems to pulsate.  You crave each other’s company and it feels like magnets being pulled together.  Your energies just seem to naturally sync up whether you are romantic or platonic.  You genuinely like each other flaws and all, and enjoy all of life’s adventures or trials together.  Your chemistry transcends any sexual attraction or shared interests.
  2. Emotions regulates: We all have aspects of our lives we wish could change.  We must heal past wounds or learn to accept our flaws.  It is important to learn the lessons this baggage is trying to teach us.  We must observe, address and then accept these hurdles instead of avoiding them.  Talking with our soulmates puts our baggage in perspective.  Together you can face any concerns and gain valuable insights in order to heal and grow.
  3. You have fun: There is so much joy when you get together.  You know that life isn’t always perfect.  But you both are able to find the light in the darkness.  You treasure the small moments and find many reasons to celebrate any success.  Together you are able to learn vital lessons in the hard times and use disagreements to grow both as individuals and in the relationship.  Solving conflicts help you both understand each other more and cements the fact you will always have each other’s backs.
  4. Soul connection: This is a phenomenon unique to soulmates.  You can’t explain why you are drawn together; you just   You feel like you have known this person your entire life and being around them just soothes your essence at its deepest levels.
  5. Mutual respect: Respect is a cornerstone of your relationship.  You value each other’s ideas, ingenuity, love, baggage, and goals.  You see each other for the authentic spirit they are rather than putting on a mask of expectations.  You are able to easily forgive, love radically, bridge any difference, and celebrate any moment.
  6. Goal and values alignment: You have overlapping ways of thinking and dreaming.  Even if you don’t want the same things, you have enough similarities that you have a shared vision for your future.  From the onset you both will know whether you are destined to be friends, lovers, or teachers, and always remain on the same page.
  7. Nonverbal communication: Words aren’t necessary to understand what each other is thinking.  Your connection goes so deep you both know instantly when something is amiss.  This helps you know just what is needs to help correct the situation.  Likewise, if your soulmate is experiencing love or elations you can feel this joy like it was your own blissful experience.

Always be open to the possibility of soulmates entering your life.  With time, mindfulness and receptivity you will find those wonderous people in your life.  Together you will enjoy many joyful and empowering experiences.

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