Breadcrumb Dating

Responding to Breadcrumb Dating

Dating can be hard and when you experience things like ghosting, you might have a bad view of dating. But there are things that are just as crazy as ghosting and one of those things is called breadcrumbing. You may not even know someone is doing this to you but here is what it is and how to stop it.

When a guy wasn’t interested in you in the past, he would just tell you or he would just not call you or answer you if you called him.

Once texting became a thing, people stopped calling each other and if they wanted to breakup easy, they would just send a breakup text.

Now, there are things that go beyond texting and more into social media. With things such as Facebook and Snapchat, there are different ways that your partner can break up or reject you. There are times that you might spend hours waiting on a notification to pop up on your phone so that you can feel the love of someone else.

This may be something that allows people to ignore you even more. This is one reason that ghosting became a thing. This is when someone talks to you often and then out of nowhere, they no longer talk to you. It is like they have disappeared. Even though this is a new term of dating, it is not something that hasn’t happened before. People have often stopped talking to other people or ditched them, this is just something that happens, even though it is a terrible thing.

Now, there is a new thing that people can do, and it is called breadcrumbing. This is something that is even worse than ghosting.

Breadcrumb Dating

Breadcrumbing is more than just ghosting. Instead of just not answering or talking anymore, the person will wait until you think he has ghosted you and then after you get over them, they will come back into your life by sending you a message or posting something on your wall.

This is someone that as soon as you have gotten over them, after all the time you spent wondering what went wrong, they show back up. This is considered a digital crumb, where they lead you back on after rejecting you for so long.

Why Do People Breadcrumb Others?

This happens because people want to know what other people will let them get away with. They will see if they can get with you and boost their ego, or they will be horny and want to have sex with you. Then they will lead you on so that they can get what they want out of you.

Breadcrumbing is often something that happens with a guy that never actually takes you out on a date, but he is always acting like he is going to. This could be a guy that cannot make up his mind on what he is looking for but doesn’t want to burn bridges with you. No matter what the reason is, these guys feel like they can hold on to you in case they want you later.

How Do These Actions Affect You?

This breadcrumbing is like ghosting because it makes you feel unstable. It makes you feel desperate with that guy because you had a good time with him, and you want to see him again. Breadcrumbing is something that keeps your hope alive but is really something that is painful for you. There is no real activity in this relationship, and it is a waste of your time.

Each time your phone gets a text or a notification you will wonder if that is him and you will be waiting for him to be about you. You will wonder if he likes you or if he really hates you and you will never know what is going on. You will wonder if you are the fault of it all.

What Should You Do?

If you are being breadcrumbed, move on. Do not let someone come to you and get you in your emotions and then run away only to come back again. It is not worth getting upset and feeling rejected. If you have dated him and he has left stuff at your house, get rid of it, throw it away or burn it. You deserve to be with someone that actually cares about you and can boost your self-esteem.

Ghosting and bread crumbing are always going to be a think and sometime or another there will be more ridiculous names for how people mistreat you. Remember that you should never deal with guys like this, and you should never let them treat you any way that they want. Stand up for yourself and be proud of who you are, and you will meet the person of your dreams that will love and respect you.

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