Making Love and Friendship Stronger

Making Love and Friendship Stronger

Have you ever been in a place in your relationships where you wondered if your partner really loved you? The truth is that you and your partner might just speak different love languages.

Understanding Love Languages

There are five different love languages, and most people have one that is the strongest. These were created by Gary Chapman who was a marriage counselor and doctor. Here are the five languages of love:

Words of Affirmation

This language is how many show love. This is through showing affection and encouraging others. When there is praise and love being spoken, it builds this person up. When they are put down or criticized, they struggle with this.

Acts of Service

Whatever someone does for this person is an act of service towards them and this shows this language love. This can be helping them to clean their house or making them a surprise dinner. If someone is being lazy or if they make a promise and don’t keep it, the person will feel unloved.


Gifts is another love language. When the person gets a gift, even if it is a small token of love, this shows love to that person. The gifts can be for special events, but they can be given just out of nowhere. This isn’t just about material things, but it can be as small as giving someone a coffee.

Quality Time

Getting attention from someone shows many people love. This is a language of getting to feel important and feeling like the person talking to them is present. This makes the person feel important. When someone doesn’t talk to you or doesn’t listen, it can make this love language feel unloved.

Physical Touch

Physical touch such as kissing, hugging, holding hands or just a pat on the back is one way that some people feel loved. This love language shows safety and care. If a person doesn’t get this, it can cause there to be problems in the relationship.

Using Love Languages to Make Love Stronger

Many people have only one love language, but some have more than one. This is how you often express your own love through your own love language. The thing is though, your partner probably has a different love language than you do and so that is not meeting their needs.

If your love language is gifts and someone is always giving you gifts, this will feel amazing to you. But if your partner has the love language of touch and you give them a gift, they will just think it is a thoughtful present, but it won’t make them feel loved.

Your partner will appreciate the gift, but they would appreciate more if you hugged them or held their hands. Depending on the love language they speak, this is how you have to decide how to show them love.

When you learn to speak the same love language that your partner has, it can make the relationship stronger. This will allow you to work towards a good relationship and to be stronger in your feelings.

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