Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material

Some people are not girlfriend material. You have a hard time becoming serious with someone and your relationship never seems like it is going to stick. You desire to be with someone, but you never can get anything to stick and sometimes you do not feel good enough.

When this happens, your perception of your life might change, and you might feel that you are not worth what you thought you should be worth. You might have a hard time feeling good about who you are, and you might struggle to be happy and confident but feel thoughts coming into your mind.

It is hard to be someone that cannot seem to settle down or attract the right kind of relationships.

Here are some reasons that you are not girlfriend material:


If you find that you are always pushing your sexuality on people, chances are you will be able to find someone to latch on to but you will not be able to keep the relationship stuck.

If you are wanting to have a goal to connect, it is good to be desired, but you cannot lead your life with sexuality. If you are doing this, chances are you are dressing a way to make people want you.

They will find you attractive, but this does not mean that the guy is in it for anything more than sex. Sex is not a way to be in a relationship, it is something that you give after you have a steady relationship. You might feel that you are only worthy when you are having sex, and this will not give you a long-distance relationship but just get you used.


When you are insecure, it is hard for you to go into a relationship with someone. When you have a hard time connecting, this can be based around worry and stress.

You worry about how he feels about you, if he will text you, if you will work out and these kinds of feelings will cause him to leave because you are always looking for something wrong.

Pay attention to how he feels about you and how you feel about him. Do you feel that you and he are compatible and od you feel that he has the qualities that you want?  If you care about him and you care how he feels about you, figure out if he likes you or is just using you.

Be an emotional detective and gather clues to see if he likes you. Always protect yourself and do not push others away. When you cannot connect with someone, you are only dealing with your worried thoughts and this might make you not able to connect.

Choosing Wrong Guys

If you end up with the wrong guys all the time, chances are you are going after the wrong thing. Maybe you are always wanting to date someone that is with someone else. These are emotionally detached people and can damage your life. Those that have commitment issues will not make good mates.

When you see someone damaged, and you go for them, chances are you are not believing that you are worthy to be with someone that can love you. You have to listen to what your mind is telling you and allow yourself to think you are good enough.

Do not be the person that thinks you have to do all the love. If you want a partner, you need a partner and not someone that you have to take care of. Find someone that does not need to be fixed but can help you to be in a good and not toxic relationship.

If you feel that you can never get in a good relationship, do not give up. Find someone that will love you the way that you want to and find out who this person is.

Drama Queen

Men hate girls that want drama. They want to have simple and basic things in their life. They want to feel good and be happy when they are around you.

When you are a drama starter, you need attention, and this is showing your insecurity. If you get mad at everything they do, you have an issue.

Starting drama with him means that you need someone to reassure you. If he doesn’t text you and you think he is cheating or losing interest in you, give him a chance to show him how much he cares.

If you feel that you do not deserve love, you will never be able to accept it.

Loving Yourself

You can never get love from someone if you do not feel love with yourself. How can you let someone love you or believe that they love you if you do not love who you are?

Self-love is being in a relationship because you enjoy it and not because it has to bring you happiness. Never let your emotional wounds take over in your life and know that relationships are never easy.

People who hate themselves and are in relationships will never be able to make it. One of the most important things about love is that you are in a good place in your heart and once you get there, you will see that love can come to you.

Be your best and work hard to fix the issues in your heart. Be confident that you deserve love and you will find someone that loves and appreciates you.

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