Signs You Should Be Single

Signs You Should Be Single

Have you ever considered what is so great about being in a relationship? Once you get past the point of the butterflies in your stomach and the touching and feeling, it seems that the other feelings in the relationship go away. No matter how romantic you are with each other and no matter how sexually attractive they might be, chances are, they will not be the right person for you.

Here are some signs you are better off as a single person than a dater:


People that do not like to disagree and always want to be right should stay single. Even though we are often obsessed with being in happy relationships, some people are happier being single.

Those that are high-avoidance goals and have a hard time with disagreements are just as happy being single as they are being in a relationship where they have to try to be right.


If your heart tells you that you should be single, then maybe you should be. Someone that does not want to make long-term commitments will often want to be single. They do not want to have children and they like to have a lot of alone time.

Personal Space

Many people have relationships and they get tied down. Other people like to be single and they are proud of what they have. When you have goals and you have things you want to do for you, chances are you should stay single.

When you are used to having your own personal life, you might want to stay alone because you might have fewer negative feelings than others.

You like to learn new things and you like to be proud of what you accomplish. You are happy for what you can do on your own.


When you are self-sufficient it does not only mean that you can deal with your own problems, but it also means you like to deal with your own problems. This is something that you do and the decisions that you make are based on what you want and not what other people want.

People that are self-sufficient are confident and they are happy to be single because they can have whatever emotions they like, and they do not have to deal with the negative feelings of relationships.

Tied Down

Some people do not like to be tied down to others. They like to be free and do their own things. The single life makes them happy because they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. There is no stress of worrying about what their partner wants.

Something Better

If you are afraid that you will miss out on a better partner, chances are you are needing to stay single for a while. If you worry that you will miss out on fun events or miss out on things that you would have more fun doing if you were single, stay that way.


Nothing is wrong with looking for new opportunities and when you look for opportunities, you might not want to be tied down.

When you are in a relationship, you might miss different opportunities because of being tied down to someone and this can cause you to miss on things you want to do in the long run.


Believing that you were put in the universe for a purpose can mean that you have a calling beyond a relationship. Maybe you want to fit your life into something new and you feel that being in a relationship right now is not the best thing for you.

A person that isn’t in a healthy and happy relationship might wish they were single and staying single might help them to find the right path they want to take.


No one is perfect and if you are looking for perfection, chances are you need to stay single for a while. You might know that you will never meet the person of your dreams and you might be happy with the idea that no one will live up to your expectations.


There are many people that keep their finances and other things separate and if sharing your finances scares you, maybe you are not ready to commit.

When you have to share your earnings or spend on things such as anniversaries and birthdays, you might decide you do not want to do this.

Financial issues can cause problems in relationships and those that have financial trouble do not often make it through their relationship before it takes a turn for the worse.

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