How to Tell if a Guy has Serious Feelings

How to Tell if a Guy has Serious Feelings

Men aren’t good at expressing their feelings, at least most men and some of them are extremely closed off. It can be hard for a guy to really let you know how he feels about you but chances are if he is interested that he will give you little hints to get you knowing his ideas.

Here are some ways that you can tell if a guy has serious feelings for you:


Most guys are more closed off in their feelings than women and there are reasons that women are said to talk a lot and men are generally seen as quiet. If you can get a guy to let his guard down then you might be able to know more what he is feeling but if he is not about sharing personal information to you then it can be hard to know what he wants.

A guy that begins to be more open towards you is probably ready to tell you that he is developing feelings for you.

Staying in Touch

When guys do not want to play games, chances are you will hear from him often. Guys sometimes are not good at texting back or some guys will even ghost you but if a guy likes you then he will contact you often. Maybe he says good morning or goodnight and even if he is busy, he will say something to you.


It is not easy to remember all different details but when a guy likes you, he will do things for you when something is special or there is a special date such as an anniversary or a birthday. He will remember things about you that are important, and he will care enough to listen to you when something is serious to you.


Guys that are serious for you will not only remember small details about you, but he will care about these things. He will go out of his way to show you that he wants to be part of your life. He will be there when you need to talk or when you need advice and he will get past talking small and want to know the bigger parts of your life.

Spending Time with You

Most guys are very busy with their work or school and they aren’t always into doing something unless they are getting something for their effort. When a guy spends time with you just because he wants to, chances are that he has strong feelings for you.

Have you ever met a guy that is excited to go to the farmer’s market?  Well most aren’t, but if he likes you, he will be excited to go just so he can spend time with you.


It can be hard to meet people that your partner knows but when he decides it is time to take you to meet his family and friends, he is getting serious. His honesty will show when he introduces you to people in his life. He will want to show you off to the world.


Guys do not usually talk about the future when it comes to relationships. When a guy begins to get serious though, he will think of a future with you. If your guy starts talking about the future with you and him in it, it is a good sign he is into you.

Bad Times

There are good times and bad times and it is easy for someone to stick around when times are easy. If a guy is sticking around when times are hard though, that is a different story. If you are in a bad mood, sick, or upset about something and your guy is staying around, he really likes you.

His Word

Someone that is serious about you will want to make you happy and will hate to disappoint you. If he makes a promise to you and breaks it, chances are he doesn’t really have that strong of feelings for you but if you have a guy that says he will do something and he keeps his promise then he is in it for real.

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