Love Without Labels

What it Means to Love Without Labels

The current dating scene is nothing like what your parents or grandparents navigated.  The days of “courtship” or “being exclusively” have given way to hook-up culture or friends with benefits.  Sure, some people still have committed relationships, many others find love without labels.

The decline of commitment may have been caused by modern youth favoring a more casual lifestyle.  Taking a more no strings attached mindset can afford the benefits of a relationship without the hard work or the tension.  However, people don’t often address the shadow side and difficulties.  We have a compile a few aspects to consider if label less love is right for you.

Do feelings occur in every relationship?

Are feelings something we can simply switch off to ensure we don’t get too attached?  Not having a label in ways prevents you from the experiences one has in a traditional relationship so they don’t experience sensations like jealousy or protectiveness.

Commitment leads to rules

Not having labels reduces the amount of commitment in the union.  Either partner can be free to flirt or act in ways can seem odd to someone in a monogamous relationship.

Zero expectation mindset

Casual flings can be explored for fun and to avoid any sense of sentimentality.  However, you must be ready for the other person to do the same.  Having zero expectations is essential!  When you have love without labels, you can’t expect regular mind-blowing dates, or for your person to be available whenever you need them.  They won’t be the person who you can rely on drive you to appointments if your car dies or be the first to call you on your birthday.  If you can live without assuming this person will always show up with a smile on their face, then you can begin to consider label less love.

What happens if someone grows attached?

Attachment always complicates open relationships.  With attachments come expectations.  With expectations comes the risk of getting hurt.  You both might start out without any strings, but time can cause feelings to develop.  Someone might start to desires monogamy and fidelity, while the other wants to continue the ability to see other people as well.  You both will need to maintain open lines of communication to avoid someone being seen as needy or hurtful.

What will others think?

Be prepared for awkward conversations with others that might seek to define the two of you.  You may find yourself constantly having to explain and define your situation.  Remember, just because you both are okay not having labels, doesn’t mean that your loved ones will be okay as well.  Be confident in your choices and remember you have to be responsible for charting your own course and no one else’s.  If you are okay to live with uncertainty and lack of commitment than you might be ready to have a label less love.  But if you are someone that frequently has expectations then you really need a committed relationship.

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