Letting Go of Unavailable Guys

Letting Go of Unavailable Guys

Women sometimes have a hard time of letting go of relationships.  They will hang on to men that are not available to them and men that don’t want to be in serious relationships.  They will feel that they deserve more but they will stay with people that take advantage of them.  It is important to get over relationships that are not working out before you try to find new relationships.  Hanging on can make your new relationships unhealthy and can make you undesirable.

Hanging On

Most of the time, women will hang on to relationships because they are in love and don’t want to have the heartache of being alone or breaking up with someone.  They will be sad if they break up and they will be thinking about how the man had the potential to be who they dreamed of him to be.  Sometimes, they will want to be married or have kids, but the man will not.

Some women will not be happy waiting and will be unhappy in their relationship.  It is hard for them to admit that they were unhappy, but they definitely weren’t getting what they needed from that man.

If you have a hard time releasing a relationship because the person is close to you, sit down and make a list of reasons that you should break up with them.  Make another list of the reasons that you are happy in the relationship.  Figure out why you should break up or if you have, why did you.

Did you feel that you were unhappy?  This list will show you what you need to know.

Look Deeper

Some relationships with men that are unavailable can be a lesson that we learn.  Women need to look inside and see what they want in a relationship.  They need to work on letting go of things of the past before moving on with someone else.  Women who always are finding themselves trying to make relationships work with unavailable men need to look at their lives and see why they keep finding the same men over and over again.

Some women look for men that are unavailable because they want to find someone that will not make them feel good or find someone that will have a problem with intimacy.  Some women like this because they have had problems of their own in the past as children or have had a rough life where their relationships were bad or painful.

Women that have low self-esteem choose bad relationships and they seek men that will not love them.  If you cannot love yourself, it will be hard for someone else to love you.  Focus on yourself and let your emotions heal.  Work on being you and work on giving yourself value and building your self-esteem.  Stay away form men until you are stronger.

Move On

When things are not working out in your relationship or you are not getting anything out of it, move on.  After you worked on yourself, it will be easier for you to see how you should be treated and will allow you to know what you deserve.  Don’t let men try to change you or make you feel that you have done something wrong.

If you come to a point where you have to let go of things in the past, do it and have a fresh start.  Don’t go back to the same relationships or the same places you found the past relationships, like the bar.

Develop yourself and find people that share similar passions and interests that you do.  Go to a setting where you can meet good people that aren’t just looking for a one-night stand.

Women need to not be afraid of being single or being alone. During this time, make yourself better and see what you want in a partner.  When it comes time to enter into a new relationship, you will know wha you want and what you deserve.  Learn to be happy and enjoy your independence.

Next time you have a hard time letting a man go, remember that you are the person that can love and accept yourself.  You deserve someone to feel the same for you.

Breaking Up

Do you feel that your relationship is not what you want, or it isn’t working?  Do you fight a lot and have intimacy problems?  It might be time to break up with them and move on to something that makes you happy.

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