Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

Loving people is important, but what is more important is learning to love yourself.  As a matter of fact, you cannot really ever love anyone else until you can truly love yourself.  Without self-love, you will have a hard time finding romance or even your soulmate.

It is not easy to love yourself and if you have had a hard childhood, doing this can be a challenge.  There will be people in your past that have helped shape the way that you feel about yourself and this could be good, and this could be bad.  Maybe you have days where you feel good about yourself and then other days you feel like a letdown.  Try to love yourself and see your life change.


Even though you are busy, you have to learn to take time for yourself.  This can be hard because you know that you have so much to do, but it is a must for true happiness.  You have to have time to spend on yourself and this can be watching television or taking a bath.  Talk to your friends or make love to your partner.  Talk about your interests and treat yourself how you want others to treat you and how you treat others.

Stop Being Negative

When we have negative thoughts, they bring about negative energy.  You don’t want to attach to negative energy because it can cause you to have negative emotions such as anger or regret.  You need to get rid of the negative thoughts and do what makes you happy and makes you love yourself.  When you feel that a negative thought is coming on, make sure that you get rid of this.  Don’t let any negative thought slip by and as soon as you stop these thoughts, you will see that you love yourself more.  Be positive and this is a way that you can meet someone along the way.  No one wants to talk to someone that is negative all the time.

Note What Matters

There are some things in your life that really matter and its time to make a list.  Make a list of things that really matter to you and really make you feel good in life.  Keep the list on your phone or in a place where you can read it each day.  If you have something you are reaching for, put it on the list and work to achieve it.  Write down everything that makes you happy and this can help you to love yourself more.

Next, make a list of what you are looking for in a partner.  Everyone deserves to have a list of what they are looking for. What do you have that you want to have in common?  Don’t focus on looks but on personality and fun.  Make a list of things that you want that would make you happy in another person. The universe will help you find this person.


Being in love can be the greatest thing, but you have to love yourself first.  Once you become in love with yourself, finding a partner will be easy.  If you are looking for a soulmate or a romantic partner, keep working on you and let the universe make that happen for you.

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