Avoid Heartbreak in Your Life

Learn How to Avoid Heartbreak in Your Life

Do you want to be happy when you date? Do you want to get out of your head and into your heart?

Here are some ways that you can date and not be heartbroken at the end of the day:

Use Your Head

Sometimes people want to date, and they let their heart in right away. The best way that you can date and not be heartbroken is to learn to be responsible for your own happiness.

People cannot make you happy and if you are responsible in your dating and you learn to listen to what your mind is saying instead of your heart, you can date and focus on your future.

Start Now

There is no better time to date responsibly than now. Find different men to date that have the same values and goals that you have. Make good decisions on who you spend your time with and be positive.

Be Responsible

Men will not always be responsible for how they treat you and you have to take care of your heart. Learn to date in a responsible way by making sure that you are in charge of your own happiness before you even begin to date.

What is on the Line?

Nothing should ever be there because of chance. When you have your heart in a certain place, you need to make sure that you have your own wellbeing in mind. Do not let your emotions take over and use your mind to decide who you are going to give your time to.

Learn Who You Are

Always know who you are and what you want in a relationship. Do not give in to someone that doesn’t share the same values and goals that you have. If you want a good dating experience, know who you are.

Find Interests

Make sure that you are sharing your time with someone that likes the same things that you like. You don’t have to be the same person but there should be things that you like to do that are the same. If you do not fit together, you will not stay together long.


Have boundaries in everything. No matter what you want and how you want to be treated, make sure that your partner knows this. Make sure he loves you the way that you want to be loved.

Relationship Surroundings

When people are dating and they aren’t on the same page, it causes there to be pain and heartbreak. You might want to get married and have children, but what does he want? Know what he wants when you start to date him and if you don’t share the same ideas, move on.

Values and Goals

Never ignore your own values and don’t ignore his. See if you have the same values and goals and if you don’t, you will have problems in the future.

Make Him Be Accountable

Make him stand up for who he is and to be who he says he is being. Do not let him have your heart and not be accountable for it.

Red Flags

Notice any kind of red flags and if you see some, get out right away. Do not love him if you see red flags and you feel that he is not who he says that he is. He will show his true character if you choose to see it.

Be Real

Always be honest with the person you are dating. Do not play games and do not lie. Take time to get to know each other and be open and honest about what you are feeling and what you are thinking. You will know if you should invest your time in them or not.

Be Clear

Always know exactly what you want and exactly what they want. Ask questions and know the answers before you let your heart get too deep.

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