Wants to Marry You

How Do You Know if He Wants to Marry You?

Are you with someone that you have been dating for a long time and you are ready to get married now? Do you wonder if he feels the same way? Maybe you are waiting for him to ask you, or you feel that he is never going to commit to you.

How long does it take a guy to be ready to marry you?

How Long Does It Take?

If you are ready to get married but you don’t know if he is yet, you need to keep reading. It takes about seven months for the average guy to decide that you are the right one for him.

Many men will wait for the woman to start making marriage hints before he chooses to propose to her.

Some Hints of Wanting to Be Married

Some people will start to make hints and women will sometimes want to do hints like the ones that give hints on televisions shows.

Engagement of Others

One big hint is when you talk about other people getting engaged or married. This is a conversation that can let your partner know you are ready to be asked.

Wedding Magazines

You can always leave out wedding magazines where your guy will see them. This can be a big hint.

Emails from Jewelry Sites

You can always send your partner an email that you get from jewelry stores, such as one with a wedding ring.

Looking at Rings

A big hint for your guy will be if you go out and shop and look at wedding rings, just to browse. This will show him you have marriage on your radar.

Ready for Marriage

Even though seven months is the average, some guys are ready before that and some are not ready when that times comes. There are couples that have to date for years just to decide on marriage.

Asking how long it takes a guy to know he is ready is a big question because not all men are the same and that is what depends on the answer.

Giving a real answer isn’t easy, guys will be ready when they are, and they will want to commit to you.

Things He is Waiting for to Propose

There are things guys wait for before they are ready to propose to women:


A guy wants to make sure that you and he share the same values and goals. He will want to know that you are going in the same direction so that your marriage will last.


You need to have strong sexual chemistry before your guy will ask you to marry him. Sometimes this changes over time and sometimes he is waiting to see if there is still that pull that attracts him to you.


He wants to make sure that he is financially stable enough to support you and him together. This can be a big pressure on the man in the relationship. He wants to marry you and make sure that he has enough to pay for the wedding and to keep you happy.


You have to know that you are surely compatible before you decide on marriage. There are different things that come with this.

He wants to know if he will fit with you or clash with you when you get married.

Being Responsible

He has to be ready and responsible for his own life before he is ready to make a marriage work. This means he wants to be prepared and to make sure he is communicating well, not making mistakes and being accountable.


Marriage is a hard thing, and you will know that you are compatible with someone after you see their flaws. He will want to know that you have some and that you and he are able to work the rough these things.

It is hard to get to know someone fast and this takes time.

If’s or Buts

He wants to make sure that he has no if’s or but’s when it comes to marrying you. He will want to make sure that all of his questions about you are answered.

He wants to make sure that he is confident in you and him moving together forward.

Hard Times

All relationships have hard times, and he will want to make sure that you can go through hard times together and still make the marriage work.

It is easy to love someone when things are easy but what about when there are trials that need to be worked through?

Knowing You

He will want to know the real you and make sure that you are being real with him. Dating can be like a job interview, but you can never really get to know someone on a date.

He has to see your vulnerability and he has to bond with you at a deep level.

Love and Respect

He wants you to know him for who he is and to love and respect him, He wants to know that you value him and that you are happy with who he is.

Once he feels accepted by you, he will be ready to move forward.

Future Ideas

He will want to be able to imagine living with you and growing old with you. He will be able to see that this is a good thing and that you are going to work through things beyond being sexy and fun.


If you are going to marry someone, you need to have things in common. You need to make sure that you like the same things and you have the same goals.

We all have similarities, but they have to be strong enough to beat out conflicts.

Honeymoon Phase

No one wants to get married in the honeymoon phase when things are going well. It is best to wait and when things get hard, see if you can handle them when it doesn’t feel good.

This is normally 3 to 4 months and that will depend on how much time you spend doing things together. Once the honeymoon phase is over, he will know if you are meant to be together or not.

Ready to Marry

He needs to be ready to marry. He needs to talk to you and be open about what he wants in his life.

If you have never discussed marriage, now is the time to do that and find out where he stands. If he has only dated you, it might take him longer to want to commit.


When you go through things together that are hard and he can see life from different perspective, he will be ready to tie the knot.

Past relationships that didn’t work out for both of you can cause you to be hard and make you see what you don’t want from someone.

Men want to know if they are with someone that they are going to last with.

His Body will Tell Him

His body will tell him when he is ready to give it all to you. Not only will his mind tell him and his heart, but his body will always want you and want to be with you.

He will get butterflies and he will love when you touch him.

Worry of Rejection

A guy has to know that the woman feels the same even after they have dated for a while. He wants to know that you love him as much as he loves you so that he isn’t rejected.

Some men want to know how long to wait to ask her to marry him, but you have to be vulnerable and confident before making this move.


Once he gets rid of obstacles in his way and he can handle marriage, he will be ready for you. This means he finishes college, and he gets his finances in order.

We won’t have a fairy tale life and sometimes there is a different time limit for men on when they want to overcome things and get married.


Not all relationships are the same and when your guy is ready to ask you to marry him, he will. Take your relationship slow and when it moves to that level, be honest about everything. Talk about what you want and what he wants.

When he is ready, he will ask you to marry him, and you will see that you are on the same page in the relationship.

If you want to have a good marriage, learn to talk about what you want and make sure that you have great communication and love for your partner.

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