Are Soulmates Real?

Are Soulmates Real?

A lot of people wonder if everyone really has a soulmate or if they have multiple soulmates, or if this is just something silly that people talk about.  Some want to have scientific proof as to if soulmates are really, real.  But, we need to really first, decide what a soulmate really is.

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a soulmate as “a person that is suited as a close friend or someone that is romantic.  This means that soulmates do in fact exist, some people definitely are more suited for some than they are for others.  But a real soulmate is more of a term that means something much deeper.  The type of soulmate is based on a spiritual aspect and this means there is just one person that is assigned to be your soulmate.  And if it doesn’t work out with them, you just blow it.

I don’t believe this to be true.  I believe that a soulmate is the dictionary definition and that some people are more suited for others while some are not, no matter how hard they try to make things work out or to love each other. Don’t take my word for it but lets look at the scientific facts.

If you think of a partner as your soulmate then you are looking at the relationship wrong.  A survey had participants pick different images and phrases that told how they loved and was based on having a soulmate.  It wasn’t surprising that this group was more negative in regards to the problems that their relationships had than the other group was.

People who thought that they were soulmates are less satisfied because there are conflicts that happen in the relationship.  It is impossible for people to have relationships that don’t face trials.  Some think it means that there will be no trials if they have a soulmate and they will come to the conclusion that they are not a real fit.

If everyone had one soulmate in the world then the chances of finding your soulmate would be almost none.  A soulmate is sometimes identified as someone that is around the same age as you and this gives you a much better chance of finding them.

If you make eye contact with 10 or 20 people a day, and around 10% are close to the age that you are, then you will meet thousands of people in  your life.  If you have potential to have millions of people as your soul mate then there is a chance that you can find true love.

If it is put down to being one person then your chances of true love are pretty terrible.  If the whole idea of having a soulmate is more of a concept and that the numbers make it impossible to find a soulmate then maybe it is just a bluff.  If you have to find the soulmate in millions of people, then maybe you will find your soulmate.  If the odds are irrelevant then it’s a different concept.

Studies on Soulmates

There are many soulmate scientists that believe that finding a soulmate can be proved by science.  Once you read through them though, soulmates are pretty easy to find.

One feels that the way that energy patterns move in the universe helps us to find our soulmate.  This means that finding a soulmate is more of a phenomenon.

This evidence is hard to follow because some believe that studying the energy patterns can help you to find your soulmate but I am not sure this really proves that soulmates are real, at least not according to that science.

Psychological Soulmates

Even though we don’t feel science can prove soulmates, what about psychology?  Some people believe that everyone has potential to find their perfect match and there is plenty of deep lasting relationships that prove this to be true.  Some psychologists feel that even though there are two people that start out as soulmates, that this can change.  The relationship can change and the partners can become replaced by someone else.

If two people have the perfect relationship to be soulmates then there’s their one in a million match.

Do Soulmates Exist?

Is math right, science or psychology?  If not, then we need to ask ourselves if soulmates really exist?  It is hard to say.  If a soulmate is a real thing and it is based more on a spiritual level then it is harder to explain but it has to be experienced to really understand it.

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