Avoiding Guys You Don’t Want

Avoiding Guys You Don’t Want

Meeting a guy that is not good in relationships is easy to do and if you are in the dating scene, it is important to know what to look for. When you look at relationships that seem to not work out, you realize early enough, usually, that there is something wrong and if you avoid these signs, you are destined for a broken heart. You need to learn to be aware of what to look for in these types of men.

If you don’t want to be played by a man, here are some signs that you can look for and then you can know that you can break up with him before he breaks your heart.

Doesn’t Call

If you are a girl and you are always having to take time to call him, chances are he is not that into you and he is playing you. There are going to be times where he might be working late or he might be too busy to call, but a for the most part, a guy that is interested in a serious relationship will take time to call you and to pay attention to your needs.


When someone is always running late, you know that they have a phone where they can call you, at least in this day and age. When a guy you are seeing is always running late and never calls to let you know, he is not showing much concern or care for you. If this happens repeatedly, this is a sign to look for to know that he is not that serious.

Doesn’t Show Up

A guy that makes plans with you will show interest in you by giving up his time to be with you but if you are dating someone that fails to show up often then that is a sign that he is just playing you. A relationship like this will cause your heart to ache and it will be an emotional road for you.

Cell phones are in the hands of everyone and if he is not showing up and refusing to call, this is something that you cannot overlook.


When a guy is into you, he will make time to see you. If you are dating someone that always has rules on when and where he can see you, he might be playing you a fool. Maybe he always has a card game on Wednesdays and every other weekend he is busy with his family. Of course, there are some rules such as custody issues, but beyond that, if you do not play an important role in his life, move on.

He Knows More Than You Do

If you realize that you are the one that is always talking when you are together and you ask him questions about his life but he chooses not to go into details, chances are he does not want to get too close to you.

Most guys do not talk a lot but if they refuse to give you any details about themselves then they are trying to make sure that you stay distanced from them.

All About Him

On the other hand, if all you know is about him and he is always talking about himself, this shows that he is not interested in who you are. This is a red flag and should be a warning sign that the future may not hold what you want it to.

A guy that is only interested in himself is a dangerous game to play and you need to make sure that you take this personally and not ignore this sign.

Telling Others

If your guy does not tell his friends or family about you then this is a sign that he is not treating, you well. He should be telling people in his life about you and they should know who you are even if they have not met you yet.


When a guy likes you, he will want you to meet his family and friends. If you have not been invited to meet his family yet and you have been dating a while, chances are the relationship is going nowhere. If he drags on and on about meeting his family but he never takes you to see them, it is possible that he is embarrassed about you and you might need to look for a different relationship.

If the relationship has been going on for a while, over a few months, and he hasn’t invited you to meet the family yet, this is a sign that you need to start moving on without him.


There are times when a guy will have other obligations during holidays such as with children or with family get togethers, but if your guy is not making an effort to take you or to have you a part of his life during holidays then this could be a sign that he has issues that you need to not ignore.

Female Friends

Friendships that are platonic are not very often and if a guy and a girl start out as friends, chances are the feelings will change in one direction or another.

If you are dating a guy and they seem to have very close female friends, to the point where he is spending more time with her than you, chances are that he is not as into you as you are with him.

Where He is Going

If you always have to question where your guy is and he is keeping his whereabouts a secret, this is a situation that you need to reconsider. Stop worrying about where he is and move on.


When a guy likes you, he will want to talk about the future with you. If this is not happening, then chances are you guys are not going the same direction in life.

If he talks about his future sometimes and you are not anywhere a part of it, let him go before you get your heart broken even more.

Life Without You

If you are first dating someone you know that they have a different life outside of you and friends and family that he likes to be with, but if you are dating for a long time, you should be a part of those plans. If you are with someone and months down the line, he still wants to do things without you all the time, he is showing he just wants to be single. Let him go.

Changing You

When a guy makes you feel that you need to change to be with them then this is a wrong situation. If you need to change for a guy to like you then the relationship is not worth it.  A guy should be with you and have real feelings and consideration for you and he should let you be who you are. No one should ever want to change you and you need to not let him.


If you experience any of these warning signs the best thing that you can do is to walk away from this relationship. Do this before you take the chance to ruin your self-esteem or before you give too much of your heart into the relationship. Focus on yourself and what you need and find a relationship that gives to you the same way that you give to it.

Take advantage of advice from friends and even a counselor if you need to and learn to move away from toxic relationships. Find love that is true and attract good things to your life. If you are settling for less than you deserve, you will never be happy, and you need to find someone that knows how to treat you like you deserve.

Believe in your gut feeling and when things are questionable, take time to look out for warning signs and red flags and if you see too many, take a break and see if you really deserve to be treated the way that you are being treated.

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