Six Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You

Six Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You

There aren’t many things that are as difficult as figuring out if a guy is into you. Some men are not the greatest verbal communicators and find it easier to communicate about their feelings through their actions.

While some of these signs are more obvious than others, it can be relatively easy to tell if a guy likes you when you know what to look for. Knowing how to identify the signs that he’s attracted to you will help you seal the deal and start dating. Here are six subtle things a guy may be doing to tell you that he likes you, even if he hasn’t told you so with words quite yet.

  1. Body language.

Body language can speak volumes in the absence of words. Some of these mannerisms are obvious; others are more subtle. Pay attention and see if he’s exhibiting some of them:

  • Light touches. People enjoy touching the people they like. There’s no more reliable way to discern if a guy has romantic feelings toward you than if he’s on the lookout for excuses to touch you. He’ll pick lint off your jacket, gently guide you through a crowd, and oops, “accidentally” keep brushing up against you.
  • He leans inward. Men lean toward the women they like while distancing themselves from the ones they don’t like. So, if he’s into you, he’ll intentionally angle himself to face you while you’re standing together, and lean in toward you when you’re sitting.
  • Pointed toes. Yes, you read that right! Does he always orient his feet toward you when he’s near you? The position of a person’s feet is considered to be a subconscious occurrence since feet are so distant from the brain. If he positions his feet to face you, it’s an indication that his thoughts toward you are favorable.
  • Increased eye contact. If a guy is into you, he’ll make eye contact with you to express his interest. People’s eyes naturally wander around their surroundings. So, if it feels as though he can’t tear his gaze off of you, he may be into you.
  1. He asks you a lot of questions about yourself.

A guy who’s attracted to you will naturally want to know about you. This means he’ll ask you lots of questions. So, don’t misinterpret his inquisitiveness. He just wants to get to know you better and create connections between you. Don’t be surprised if he wants details about all of it: your family, your childhood, your hopes, your dreams, and even your insecurities.

People are multifaceted and have characteristics that we show to the world to varying degrees. Asking personal questions is his way of discovering more about the person you truly are.

Asking you questions about yourself also shows that he enjoys spending time together with you. It’s a simple way to maintain a conversation and keep the dialogue flowing. Listening to you also provides him an opportunity to prove how significant you are to him.

  1. He behaves recklessly.

A guy who’s smitten with you will do everything he can to impress you. He may look for opportunities to perform feats of physical strength or share stories and anecdotes about his life that he thinks will make him stand out to you.

Sometimes even the quietest or most modest type of guy suddenly becomes a show-off or amp up a situation’s risk factor when you’re around him. Guys will often intentionally place themselves in harm’s way to catch a woman’s attention because men know that women are naturally attracted to confident and courageous males. They’re likely to employ this approach whenever an occasion allows for it.

  1. He focuses extra attention on you.

In a crowd, a man who’s attracted to you will instinctively pay more attention to you than to anybody else.

He’ll express a sensitivity toward your mood, and he’ll notice if you’re going through a difficult situation. So, next time he encourages you to open up and let him know if everything’s okay, interpret it as a compliment. He cares far more for you than you may have realized.

Did he comment that you changed your hairstyle or notice you used new makeup? Question no more. He’s definitely into you.

  1. Or, he may totally ignore you.

For men, fear of rejection is significant. This is especially true when they’re out in public. It requires a lot of confidence for a guy to place himself in a situation where he risks public rejection.

So, what’s a guy do? He may ignore you. Or maybe he talks to you when you’re alone, but gives you the cold shoulder in public. This type of behavior doesn’t mean he’s less of a man. He simply may have grown up with a manipulative or emotionally abusive family member or friend, and he just isn’t sure how to proceed with you.

  1. He wants to take care of you.

A guy who’s attracted to you will go out of his way to do nice things for you. He’ll do whatever he can to make your life easier, even if it’s as minor as carrying your grocery bags or loosening the cap on your water bottle.

Does he open your car door, bring you coffee, and give you rides home? Has he helped you set up your new TV, lent you his jacket when it’s cold outside, and driven you to the airport? Gestures like this are sure indicators that he’s attracted to you.

If he’s using these subtle signs that he likes you and isn’t advancing things any further, consider meeting him halfway. Don’t just play it cool. Pay him back by finding nice things to do for him. If you’re not romantically interested in the guy, let him know as soon as you can. You may end up with a wonderful new friend.

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