Writing Your Way into Love

Writing Your Way into Love

Life can feel unpredictable, especially when we are looking for our Prince Charming only to realize that fairy tales were not based in reality. When you are ready to truly find your ‘prince’ it can be best to start with a soulmate wish list. Though it sounds simple, it can reveal a great deal about ourselves and what we want in a relationship. Making the list means we have to truly dig deep and listen to our hearts. This will result in a clear, unique goal, tastes, preferences, and trusting yourself to wait and know the perfect person is on the way.

Ordering up a soulmate from the universe is sort of like ordering a specialty coffee, with a bit more thought and patience. Just as with ordering specialty coffee, you must be clear and precise in your order. Most people are pretty clear what they do not want in a partner, but to attract your soulmate you must know what you do want. When you can identify what is truly important, then you will send out consistent, strong signals that will draw this type of person to you.


To begin with, think about the aspects of life you want to share with a partner and the way you wish to feel when in their presence. Think about the following questions:

  • How do I want to feel when waking up beside my partner?
  • What type of life will we lead together (work all the time or chill every evening)?
  • How will weekends be spent most of the time?
  • Children? (yes, no, stepchildren)

By telling the universe the specific characteristics you want, the greater the chances you will yield exactly what you want. Take time to create a specific list of words to describe your soulmate, not just physically, but on a deeper level. Words like abundant, affectionate, bubbly, caring, etc. are what you need. Be as specific as possible.

Write Your List

After you have contemplated and possibly listed your specific qualities list, take out a piece of beautiful stationary and write out each quality in neat handwriting. As each word is written, imagine your soulmate is living with you at that moment and give thanks for their presence. Allow the feelings of joy, peace, and happiness to wash over you knowing that fate will unite you with your beloved.

Releasing the List

Now that the list has been created, you must release it into the universe through some type of ceremony (make a copy before doing this for future reference). When the list is symbolically released, you are surrendering to the how, and when, and even where your soulmate will come into your life to the universe. Then, pick a special day for the ritual, a new moon or full moon, a Friday (the day of Venus), or whatever day feels special. Also choose a time and location that feels right and begin by reading the list out loud as you feel every word. Then, in faith, burn it safely and know as it turns to ash your desires have been released to the universe to be filled. Release the ashes into water where feasible or plant them in a garden. Sit quietly afterward and open your heart, signaling your soulmate you are looking.


The last phase of the ritual is to celebrate on your own. This can be a quiet glass of wine at a special location as you beam love to others or cooking a meal for two and setting the table for something romantic for what you expect the universe to provide. Choose what feels right for you. Keep in mind that we will not know when, where, or what circumstances will bring our soulmates into life, but this is fine. Our goal is to clarify the goal and then trust the universe.

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