Emotions from My Twin Flame

Emotions from My Twin Flame

When you think of your twin flame you might wonder if they can feel your emotions. The truth is that you have a connection, and they can feel what you are feeling. Since you are connected emotionally, you will have strong feelings and share these emotions.

Being sad or upset can go to your twin flame and they will be sad too. This can be a time where they will be happy if you are happy as well and so it is important to try to be positive.

Twin flames can feel the emotions that their twin feels because the connection is so strong between them.

Feeling Your Twin Flames Emotions

When you are thinking of your twin flame, you might feel their emotions. You can ask them, and you will find out that when they are upset you will be upset too. This happens because you are very connected to each other.

As your emotions change, you will notice that your twin flame will pick up on these emotions. The great thing about your twin flame is that they will help you through your emotions. When you feel down, they will help you to feel better. They will talk to you, and they will take whatever action it takes to change your mood.

When you are feeling emotional, you will see that your twin flame will pick up on this mood. Also, your twin flame is so connected to you that they have strong intuition and can tell when something is wrong.

They will even be able to use telepathy on you even when you aren’t around them.

Telepathic Thoughts and Communication

You can use telepathy when you are trying to communicate with your twin flame. This happens because you don’t have to use words since the connection is so deep. If you are in a long-distance relationship, using telepathy will help you to connect stronger.

If they are upset or hurting, you can use your telepathy to support them and help them to feel better. Telepathy is a gift that everyone has but not everyone is able to use it. It takes a lot of practice to make this work.

Twin flames have a strong level of telepathy. They are able to use this because they are bonded, and they are strong with each other.

Using Telepathy to Understand Their Emotions

You need to always be mindful about what your twin is feeling. You can develop your telepathy and have a strong connection by meditating. This will allow you to be one with that person.

Meditating on a regular basis can help you in different ways and it can especially help you to be able to share messages with each other even without talking.

Reaching Your Higher Being

As you connect with your emotions and your twins emotions, you will see that you are reaching your higher being. The higher being that you have will help you to connect with the universe.

Through your spiritual journey you will be able to connect with the emotions of your twin flame. This happens so that you can help them through hard times. Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you and show you.

If you feel that your energy is not strong, find out if your energy is blocked and do what it takes to get it balanced. When your energy flows you will feel free in your chakras.

Negative Energies

Negative energies can come when you are dealing with your twin flame. Sometimes this happens because you are in a long-distance relationship. The energy that you are feeling is mirrored by your twin flame and so if they are negative, you will feel the negativity.

You need to make sure that you are grounding yourself if you are surrounded by negative things or if you are feeling stressed. Here are some things you can do if you feel anxious:

  • Deep breath and relax.
  • Focus on your chakras.
  • Picture yourself surrounded by light.
  • Let the love of the universe come in to you.
  • Cleanse your mind, body and soul.
  • Get rid of emotions that don’t help you.
  • Connect with your higher being.
  • Let go of negativity.
  • Ground yourself.

Healing Your Twin Flame Energy

You will connect with your twin flame and their energy. This can help you to heal when you are feeling down. The more they are connected and positive, the more energy you can receive. You can heal from this.

Allow your heart chakra to be open and allow energy healing to happen. Use things such as crystal healing and Reiki to be stronger. Get rid of the negative energy and learn to love yourself and others.

As your heart chakra opens, you will be able to connect better with your twin flame. This will help your emotions to be stronger and free from pain.

Feeling Your Twin Flame Each Day

Even if you aren’t seeing your twin flame, you can feel their energy each and every day. As your emotions are more positive, you will see that you are able to connect better. You will feel them rather they are close or far from you.

The thoughts and feelings that you have will flow out of you and to your twin flame. You can always connect with each other, and you can always let their energy flow inside of you.

Feeling Their Pain

The hardest things that can happen to you is feeling the pain of your twin flame. When they are hurting or in pain, you will feel the same thing. This happens because the connection is so strong and intense.

When you have a twin flame that is going through emotional pain, your heart chakra will feel this pain as well and you have to learn to deal with this energy. Ground yourself and make sure that you are putting up an energy shield.

Doing these things will keep you safe and protect you from negative energies that are around you. This kind of energy can help you to heal so that your twin flame can heal as well.

Surrendering to Love

Dealing with negative emotions is the first step and then you have to learn to be patient and have peace. Let the universe get rid of your negative energy and stop being judgmental.

Don’t let negativity fill you but let the love of the universe flow through you. You have to let the universe be in control and stop trying to make things happen the way that you want them to. Even though this is hard, this is the best way to keep your twin flame close to you.

Final Thoughts

Your twin flame relationship will be like no other relationship you will ever have. No one will have the same experiences that you have and what works for you might not work for someone else.

Figure out a way to let the positivity flow through you and let the universe help you with everything that you do. Love your twin flame journey and let the goodness flow through both of you.

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