Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Sometimes you meet people that have been together for a few days and are immediately in love while there are times that you will meet some people and be friends with them for months and months and still not be sure if they are in love or not.  So, the question, “how long does it take to fall in love?” is something that is hard to answer.  If you feel that you are not falling in love with someone that you are around a lot, then maybe you need to give yourself a break and give yourself time to know what you want.

It is true that you can have strong feelings for someone right off the bat, but sometimes those feelings are more feelings of lust and this can mean that you do not really love them, but you just want them.  When you want to know how long it takes to fall in love, you need to give yourself time to know who the person is and what you are really feeling.

Most experts will say that falling in love takes much longer than people think.  It doesn’t just seem to happen after talking to someone for a few weeks and even when people say that they are in love after a few weeks, do they really know what love is?  How have you connected?  Love is something different than liking how someone looks or enjoying their time.

If finding out if you are in love takes longer, that is okay because love should not be timed.  If there is dating and you are having fun and feeling love, that is good, allow your feelings to grow so you can see where they take you.  Here are some things that can affect how long it takes for you to fall in love.

Being Positive

When you are positive, you are easier to talk to and you have a different mindset.  This can cause feelings towards others to increase and can help you to fall in love faster.  First off, you are already thinking positive and this is a huge turn on.  You will see the qualities in your partner be the same and if you engage in thinking positively then you will push away the negativity that other relationships have, and you will become a neutral thinking.

If you are able to look at things with positive light, then you will look at your relationships that same way. Everyone thinks differently but being positive does help.

Male or Female

Most people feel that men fall in love faster than women. This isn’t true for all men or women, actually but men do seem to be more secure in who they like, faster.  Men are not as emotional as women and some scientists believe that is why they can fall in love faster.

Women always want to analyze things and to find out what they are really feeling and what they really believe.  Women never know what emotions they are going to have, and they do not know how long their feelings will last.

It is bad to put gender stereotypes on love, though, because some men are emotional, and some women can fall in love faster.


It might take longer if you are not willing to put effort into falling in love.  If you really love someone, you will train yourself to love them and you will increase your time and your energy on that person.  If you want to get personal with someone, chances are you are training yourself to fall in love with them.

It is important for you to share personal information with each other so that you can learn to trust in the relationship.  Disclosing things about yourself, especially private things can be hard.  If you can do this with someone you are with, you are setting yourself up to love them and to fall for them faster.

There are many different factors that can change how fast someone falls in love.  The most important thing to know is that it all comes back to you and you need to make sure that it is love and not lust that you are feeling.

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