When an Affair May Be a Viable Option

When an Affair May Be a Viable Option

When you’re not happy in a committed romantic relationship, you may discover that the temptation to seek fulfillment from others is stronger than it ever was before. You may be thinking about pursuing a relationship with somebody who seems more able to meet your needs and provide what you want. But before you pursue this option, be sure you consider the potential pros and cons.

Change May Scare You

The primary reason people consider affairs, whether emotional or physical, is that they have needs that aren’t being met in their primary relationship. But seeking fulfillment from others may not deliver what they’re really looking for, because ultimately, they’re too scared to make the type of change that would improve their primary relationship. Significant changes like this are often intimidating or frightening.

If you truly want your current relationship to improve, it’s best to discuss your needs with your partner, and suggest how he or she could better fulfill them. If you feel like the relationship is beyond hope, it’s probably best to end it and move forward. It certainly would be better than stringing your partner along while you look for an alternative.

Before you commit to any major changes in your relationship, you may find it helpful to consult with a psychic who specializes in relationships. Such consultations are even available online or by phone.

Your Partner Won’t Be the Only One Hurt

Affairs hurt more people than just the significant other. If you have kids, or the person you have an affair with does, those kids will be hurt as well. So will your family members, as well as any friends of both you and your significant other. Having an affair can cause a ripple effect of betrayal and pain that may prove to be impossible to resolve.

Overcoming Difficulties

Every affair will not have a negative outcome. If you’re in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship, you may be able to summon the strength you need to leave that situation and find somebody who will treat you with the respect that you deserve. Ending a marriage or other committed relationship is never easy. But leaving a bad situation for a better one may be just what you need.

Dealing with an Impaired Partner

If one partner becomes physically or mentally impaired, the other partner will likely be left feeling unfulfilled in multiple ways. The healthy partner may begin yearning for the type of physical or emotional intimacy that the impaired partner may simply no longer be able to provide. Fulfilling those yearnings outside the confines of the main relationship could allow the healthy partner to continue caring for their impaired partner without getting frustrated or discouraged.

Affairs are, by nature, complicated. But there are some instances in which an affair may genuinely benefit all parties involved. If this is an alternative you’re considering, discussing your options with a psychic who specializes in love and relationships can help you discern the best way to proceed.

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