Finding a lasting relationship

Finding a lasting relationship

Many times when we seek a new partner, we look for someone to complete us or someone just like us. We set out, presenting our best self to find the one we have dreamed of, whether it is our perfect half or our romantic ideal.

Finding a true, lasting relationships involves an entirely different approach:

1) Don’t go out looking to find the parts that you are missing. Instead, focus on accepting who you are right now. Develop your own future and find contentment within yourself. Once you become your whole self, your life will change for the better.

2) Discover your own life and your own path. Live a life that means something to you. Don’t follow anyone else’s rules but your own. If you want fulfillment, you have to do it yourself. When you find your own way, you will be in the right place to find the perfect person for you.

3) Stop trying to conjure up the perfect partner by creating a facade of yourself. When you life your real life you will automatically become more attractive because you are happy and peaceful within yourself. Someone who wants to be with you forever will not choose you based on a physical appearance.

4) If you are drawn to specific qualities, find these within yourself.We tend to only present a small part of our personalities. We limit ourselves to what pleases others. Look within yourself to find these lost pieces. It is in this way that we will be able to find what we really need.

5) Connect with life. Don’t turn down invitations. Accept the things that are being offered to you. Say yes to new experiences. Keep yourself open to things that the universe presents. This give you the opportunity to meet new people with whom you share an interest.

6) When you meet a potential partner, don’t rush into things. Let a relationship unfold naturally. If this person is truly meant to be with you something will develop as it is meant to. Don’t play games. Playing games in the past has never worked, its not going to happen that way now. Do you truly want to be in a relationship with someone you deceived? Be yourself and allow your partnership to follow a unique path. Enjoy every step.

Because every one of is an individual, each unique relationships develops at its own pace. Enjoy the process. There is no magic formula to bring the perfect partnership to you. Live your life for your own sense of fulfillment and trust that the universe will bring you what you need and what your heart and soul wants.

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