There is someone perfect for you outside there, however, stop looking

There is someone perfect for you outside there, however, stop looking

The world hosts over 7 billion people and the numbers continue to rise. You are likely to meet a thousand out of these 7 billion. And you’ll only be compatible with two or a handful out of those a thousand. Chances of finding the best person to settle with are always very minimal.

This realization brings some sense of relief regardless of the fact that it might be depressing.  The reality is that; you can’t control who you meet. Therefore, you can’t control meeting an individual who you will love and also reciprocate that love. You shouldn’t fear this fact but it should give you peace of mind.

Currently, life is controlled and not lived like in the past. We tend to fail most of the time, but never stop trying.

Things out of control give room for any chance, hence the reason we don’t like them to be outside our control.  It’s suicidal to allow things to play out on their own accord.

It’s quite unfortunate that there are things in life you can’t have control over regardless of how you might try forcing them to go your way. There are some things that should just be left to chance because whether or not you try you will still have no control over them.

You have no option but to leave other things to chance. Accepting this and moving on is the hardest part. The most essential part of life is discovering someone you can spend the rest of your life with. And it’s also the most difficult part.

The reality of the situation is that, finding a partner is a passive act because it’s out of your control. You don’t look to find that individual. You both find each other. Faith is the only option you have.

You need to believe that you’ll find the right person for you, sooner or later. You have to be very attentive, well, not looking for it, but being very attentive such that when that person crosses your line, you’ll know that you’ve found it. That’s where we have a problem. We become very busy looking for that person we think will love us not knowing we are chasing potential candidates.

We choose the type of individuals we believe we will love instead of spreading our arms and interact with each and every person to find out whether they can be loved and love us right back. We imagine the right individual thinking that we will find him not knowing that just because we imagined doesn’t mean they exist.

Looking for somebody to love has never worked. There is no way you can force that. You can’t control the outcome of any relationship.

Our lives, our view of the world and our experiences are affected by the things we do and think. Why should you waste your time paying attention to something you cannot control?

Despite all that, just live your life and appreciate every opportunity that might come your way. Put your energy only on the things you can control. Focus only on making yourself happy.

It will be easier to find someone you love once you’ve reached a point where you don’t depend on anyone but self-sufficient.  It’s true that if you are looking good and successful at the same time, you’ll have more options especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Just do you, the right person will come into your life at the right time.

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