Being in Love with Your Best Friend

Why Being in Love with Your Best Friend Can be a Bad Idea

Have you ever been in a situation where you fell in love with your best friend? Maybe talking about it causes your heart to beat and causes you to feel sweaty and stressed.

When you meet someone and you fall for them, chances are that things will not always work out. You will fall in love but sometimes the relationship ends. Life goes on and this is something that has happened to everyone.

Most of the time, we all have close friends. We form strong bonds with certain people and sometimes this can cause an attraction that we don’t expect.

Some people wonder what they should do if they fall in love with their best friend.

How Do You Not Love Them?

When you have a best friend, you want to stay up all night talking to them. You want them to help you and they seem to make things better when you are sad. They might hug you and kiss you or they will curl up with you in bed. They will sleep beside you and will love to be around you.

They will teach you new things and you will go on adventures with them. You will have a closeness that is right to your heart.

Making Them Happy

How do you ever spend so much time with someone that helps you when you feel rejected or sad and that helps you to not be lonely and you don’t love them? How do you have conversations end on end with someone and not love them?

When you wake up with someone that cares about you and you want to be with them all the time, chances are that they make you happy. They want you to have a happy and whole life.

How Do You Love Your Best Friend Without Getting Hurt?

What will you do when your best friend starts flirting with other girls? Do you feel heartbroken and sad? Do you talk to them about dating people but deep inside you hope with everything in you that he picks you?

Do you feel that your heart aches when they give attention to other people? How do you survive this?

When you are friends with someone, you are afraid of losing them and this can cause you to fear loving them in a romantic way. You might not be able to think about losing them because if you lose them, you will lose your support and you will lose the chance to take adventures together.

Telling Him

Maybe you are afraid to tell him because you are afraid that things will end. You don’t want there to be problems in your relationship. You want them to not stay away from you or to stop inviting you over.

There will be times where you are so close to them and you don’t want that to end. You might be afraid that things will get weird and will never be the same.

If you are scare to tell him that you love him, it is because you are afraid of losing your very best friend. Even if you have to be silent, chances are that you are best to keep it to yourself. Maybe someday he will open up the door for you to tell him how you really feel.

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