Signs He is In Love With You

Signs He is In Love With You

Saying the three words, “I love you,” are sometimes the hardest thing a guy can say to you. He will often hold back because he is healing from past hurt or because he is afraid that he is not emotionally ready for a real relationship with your, or chances are he is afraid that you don ‘t feel the same about him.

If you have been dating for a while and your man has still not told you that he loves you, there are some reasons he might not be saying it.

Make sure that he is showing you non-verbal cues that show that he is into you. He will prove his love without saying it and there is a chance that he might just be shy and not be able to express himself yet.

Instead of asking about it, take time to read these signs that can help you to know if he is really into you.

Pulling Away

Some men will pull away from a relationship when they love someone. Even though this is not easy for women to understand, some men are not able to handle the feelings of being in love and so they will pull away.

When a guy feels that he is falling majorly in love, he might put distance so that he can figure out what he is really feeling. When you bug him during this time, he might not come back to you, so you need to give him time to figure out what he wants. It can make the relationship stronger.

If you are going to have the best relationship and then all of a sudden, your guy seems distant, chances are he is falling in love so give him time.

He Always Gives You What You Want

When a guy likes you, he will try to please you and spoil you. If this continues throughout your relationship and doesn’t happen just in the honeymoon time, then chances are he is falling in love with you.

Once he realizes he loves you, he will give his all to you and cater you and spoil you with great things. He wants to see you happy and will do the little things to make you smile and have joy.

Putting You First

A guy that likes you will always put you first in the beginning and keep up with what you like. When time goes on, chances are he will begin to neglect you.

When you get busy and life gets hard, this can happen but when a guy really likes you then he is probably going to put you first and make you a priority in his life. He will make sure that he puts you over other people and he treats you better than his friends.


A guy will not really ask advice from you unless he values your opinion. When a guy starts asking for your advice in big and small things, chances are he likes you and he is falling in love with you. He knows you have his best interest in mind, and you won’t steer him in the wrong direction.


When someone starts to really love you, they will make life changing plans to make sure that you are in it. Listen to how he feels about you by the conversations that he has. See if you are always on his mind and what he is talking about with the future.


A guy that is falling in love with you will never forget important moments in your life. He will remember your birthday, your anniversary and even little things that he will want to celebrate with you.

He will show he is serious by remembering things that should be important to you. If he doesn’t remember things that are important, chances are he is sticking around just for a good time.

Being Close

Guys love to be close to someone that they are in love with. When he starts to really love you, he will want to be around you as much as he can. He won’t care if you get makeup on him or if he leaves smelling like your perfume. He will want to be with you because he is falling in love with you.


When a guy is always complementing how pretty you are and how smart you are, he probably is starting to fall in love with you. He will talk about how you look, and he will get excited when he sees you.

If he brings up little things that you do so he can brag on you, chances are he is hooked.


When a guy loves a girl, he will go out of his way to give things that she wants. He will do this without wanting anything in return except your happiness.

He is falling in love and this is his way of investing in the relationship. If he wants to be with you and give you things money cannot buy like attention and interest, these are things to pay attention to as well.


Guys do not always go out of their way to do cool things for a girl, but when he loves you, he will make sure that he makes plans for little things. He will show his love by always thinking about you and doing things that are romantic.

If he shows up at your house with your favorite food, or gives you something special on a holiday, he is doing these small things to keep you happy and to show his love.

He Drops His Plans

When you need your guy to be by your side, he will be there if he loves you. He will be someone you can count on and he will always be there to rescue you.

A guy that is falling in love will always want to be there for you if you break down, if you get sick or if you have a fight with someone you love. He will be there to support you and rush over to rescue you.

Talks About You

Most guys do not talk about who they are dating. Even if they like you, chances are your name will not come up when he is out with his guy friends. Most of the time, guys do not talk about these things.

You will know he is falling in love when he is thinking about you all the time and talking to other people about you. He will begin to brag about you to his friends and talk about all the positive things about you, then you will know he is in love.

He Protects You

He knows that you are tough, and you can take care of yourself, but when someone picks on you, he is there to help you. He will always protect you and have your back no matter what.

When he thinks you are wrong, he will still have your back, but he will tell you about it and you will not get mad. He will support you in every decision, even if they are silly. A guy that is in love with you will focus on all of the positive things about you and will be your biggest fan.

Staring at You

When your guy is falling in love with you, he won’t be able to think or look at anyone else. He will love you and want to always be staring at you.

When a guy gazes into your eyes, it means he is not afraid of you and he wants to show how much he loves you by looking deep in your eyes. He wants to show you his passion. Couples that are in love with each other stare at each other much more than ones that are not. If he is always staring in your eyes, he probably is in love with you.

He Doesn’t Quit

When your man is always there for you and even after a fight or when you are really hateful, chances are he loves you. If you cannot scare him off no matter how you act, and he shows up with a bag of cookies to make you feel better, there is a good chance he is in love with you.

When a guy wants to always be in your life, they will make time for you and will be close by to you no matter what. If you fight, he will be there to tell you that he loves you and will not allow you to push him away.

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