Soulmate Obsession

Soulmate Obsession

There is a dark side to finding your soulmate connection. This is soulmate obsession. This is a very real thing as the soulmate connection can take a sinister turn. The love you feel for a soulmate can become a driving obsession because too much is felt too quickly. A person who allows this to take a dark turn may want the relationship to progress very quickly so the perceived finish line can be reached. This is because the person they have spent a lifetime searching for is finally part of their lives. Sadly, most people do not anticipate the chaos that tends to surround soulmate relationships. An upheaval of the life you know, can occur.

When the almost inevitable chaos ensues, a soulmate obsession can overtake someone. This is because it is common for soulmates to break up multiple times when dating. The break can last days, months, or even years, but this is often when obsession develops. The soulmate who develops the obsession can be overly focused on everything from breath to actions of their soulmate. This creates a feeling of power that can help during the break up period. This is also a way to make sure the soulmate has not moved on to someone else.

The obsessed soulmate may ignore their own needs and feelings to totally focus on their other half. Stalking on social media and in person may occur, but this is not what the universe wants for anyone. When the universe allows soulmates to find one another it is to provide spiritual growth and teach life lessons. An obsession can prevent, or in the least delay, these lessons and the return of your soulmate due to the obsession.

Obsession is not just about waiting for a soulmate to return after a breakup, it could happen while waiting to find one. A person may feel they have waited far too long and their soulmate should make the much wanted appearance. The obsession of wanting to find the one can grow daily and leave them miserable when the soulmate does not appear. The unfortunate truth is that this is a way to actually keep a soulmate away due to the negative energy. The universe controls when you come into contact with your soulmate, do not try to take control of the universe. Perhaps your lesson is about letting destiny run its course instead of being controlling.

One of the darkest aspects of soulmate obsession is when a breakup occurs. This is usually when the relationship has ended for good. The one who is obsessed will stalk the soulmate online and possibly in person, watching every move and post. This is not healthy. This should be a time of self-care and surrounding yourself with family and friends. Seek help if necessary, to learn to move on.

The connection between soulmates is intense and can easily lead to obsession. Instead of becoming obsessed, trust in the universe that brought you together and what you are learning from the experience. Keep the faith in what brought you together and will guide your life.

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