Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Love

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Love

Most people are single for a long time come to a point where they ask why they are still single. That is typically followed by the question of what can they do to change it? While you can’t have complete control over your love life, you can do some things to increase your chances at finding love.

The Law of Attraction is a place to start. Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that we attract whatever we bring into our lives. It can be good or bad. It can be deliberate of subconscious. Knowing that we attract certain elements, we can change our mindset to intentionally bring love into our lives. It is not only love in general we can attract, but we can attract a specific soulmate love that we could enjoy forever.

There are a few steps involved in this process. The first step is to analyze why you remain alone. There are three possibilities: you are shut down, there are unfinished business, or you lost faith.

Those who have been disappointed in the past and shut down to protect your heart and emotions. However, this limits you in finding love. Unfinished business makes it hard to attract love. You could be hanging onto a past relationship, in your head anyway, or not forgiven a past partner. Holding onto bitterness and resentment sends out a negative message to others.

The other issue is you may have lost faith in love. This means you are settling in your dating, preventing you from meeting someone that thrills you.

Once you work through these issues, you can start implementing the Law of Attraction principles. There are four steps in completing this process.

  1. Decide you want love and design your life partner

The first thing to do is decide this is what you want. You need to commit in your head and heart that you want to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. Once you do this, you need to clearly understand what you want and what will make you happy. This involves digging deep within yourself to figure out what you really long for in life.

Ask yourself what personality traits bring out the best in you, how you want to be treated by someone else, and what traits are deal breakers. Also, identify your biggest passions and your life mission.

  1. Love yourself

It is true that you can’t love others or attract love unless you love yourself. That is because you attract people who align with your current state. If you have low confidence or are bitter, you send that vibe out to the world and attract others who are lacking confidence and bitter. If you are positive and like who you are, that is the vibe you are sending out and you will attract the same type of people.

  1. Become the person you want in your life

Why would you think you would attract someone honest if you are a liar? Like I said, people are attracted to vibes they see in themselves. So, if you want someone who is patient, kind, who volunteers or is religious, you then need to develop those qualities in yourself.

The same goes for moral standards. Those who want someone who saves the physical for commitment, is devoted and prioritizes commitment should be the type that person would want. For instance, someone who is saving themselves for marriage likely isn’t going to want to be with someone who has been around the block a few times. They figure they deserve better and can get better.

  1. Take care of yourself

This relieves the pressure of concentrating on your intentions all the time. You still have daily needs regardless of your long-term love needs. Eat healthy, exercise, pursue a hobby, take a class. Create a spa day at home. Making time for yourself will keep you feeling good, keep your confidence up and is great for your long-term health.

  1. Get rid of limiting beliefs

This means identifying things that are causing you to get stuck in life and love as well as eliminating them. You need to write each one down and identify their source. Then, write down a belief that contradicts them. Daily affirmations work in these situations.

  1. Ready yourself for love

There are a couple of intentional things to do here to let the Universe know you are ready. The first is to set your intention to welcome your soulmate into your life. Write down your affirmation and say it out loud. Then, affirm that your soulmate is on their way to you and nothing will get in the way of you receiving their love.

Finally, you can try multi-sensory visualization. This involves using your imagination. Think of what life will be like with them. Visualize a home, birthday parties, your wedding, the birth of a child, anniversaries. Think of what they smell like, sound like or the way you feel when your with them.

  1. Let the process flow

Waiting on your soulmate may take some time because, while you are ready to receive them, they also need to be ready to receive you! This is a time to remain at peace and cultivate patience. Don’t worry about when it will happen. Just know it will happen.

Being at peace also prevents you from being desperate. Desperate people send out negative vibes and tend to make bad decisions out of fear. Be alert to signs, chance meetings or coincidences that will guide you to your soulmate. Keeping on your path and remaining firm in your belief will make that journey much easier.

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