Toxic Guys

Toxic Guys

Falling for a toxic guy is not good for you.  They are guys that you have a hard time leaving.  These are guys who are always cheating on you and you need to walk away even though you know it is going to be hard for you.  If you can remember these things, it might make it easier for you to walk away.


Most women that have been in the same situation will see that loving the wrong person is terrible.  We find guys that we like but we really do not fit together.  This can cause the relationship to be toxic.  If you feel that you are done with this guy, then be done with him.  Sometimes women feel that people are judging them for breaking up with someone, even if they do, it is your life and you need to be happy.


Make sure that you know what you are feeling.  If you keep going back to someone then they will feel that you are not sure what you want.  The best thing is to be honest with yourself.  Do not say you don’t care when you really do.  If you do not admit your feelings, you will have a hard time moving on.

Be Honest

You probably know inside that you are in a bad relationship, but you always make yourself confused by going back and forth with them.  You need to figure out what is true and go with it.  If you are not honest with yourself, you will have a harder time walking away.

Be Objective

You need to keep in mind that if you find yourself going back to someone because you are drunk or if you always go to their house to check on them then you really do not know what you want.  You need to figure out why you are doing these things.  You need to decide if you will be able to work past the problems you have with them or you need to move on.  You are wasting valuable time by going back and forth when you could find happiness if you walked away.

You Should Have the Best

If you feel that this guy is worth staying with then you need to stay with him.  Remember though that if things are not working out that there is a real reason.  You need to decide if it is worth trying again or not.  Use your mind and not your heart to decide.

Staying in a Bad Situation

If you decide that you are going to quit the relationship, then you need to do it.  Going back and forth and being indecisive can be hard for you and it is not good for either of you.  Your relationship should make you happy.

Wasting Time

If you are playing games with a toxic guy then you are wasting time.  If you are already in this satiation then what are you going to do to get rid of it?  What makes you think about getting away from him but then you end up going back to him?  You need to figure out if you are compatible or not and make a true decision.

Draining You Emotionally

If you are going back and forth, this can cause you to be drained.  Your friends and family will most likely feel drained too because of your relationship.  They are the ones that keep giving you advice and keep helping you when you are emotionally sad or hurt.  It is not fair for you to stay in this relationship when it is hurting everyone.

Make a Decision

There is not an in between in relationships and you need to decide if you are staying or leaving.  Make a decision and stick with it and stop going back and forth.  This will be better for everyone in the end.

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