The art of subtle flirting

The art of subtle flirting

Everyone knows someone who seems to be an expert at dating. They may not  be what is considered traditionally attractive, yet they date all of the time. What do they know that the rest of us don’t? They seem to know some secret to the rules of courting.

The basic rules include making eye contact and smiling. Another rule is to mirror the other person’s body language. Some also advise showing off the neck and wearing red lipstick.

There are new rules. They advise making flirting more subtle. To succeed now, you should flirt in away that doesn’t look like flirting.  This means making the first move without it looking as if you are making it, which it involves providing the catalyst for conversation. It can be as simple as subtly turning away from the person you are hoping to flirt with. This automatically makes you more interesting.  Next, do some subtle observations. See if you can find a way to help facilitate conversation while letting the other party make the first move.

Once they have made that move, be warm and open. Be pleasant and interested, but don’t go overboard.  Make sure you tell them how nice it was to meet them. Don’t be overly effusive. If you say goodbye in a  kind and friendly way, chances are good they will want to know you better and will call you.

It seems so simple.

But what is the most effective trick of all? Just as simple! Eye contact.

That’s it. Eye contact. Just meet their eye and don’t look away. Maintain that contact during your conversation. That will tell them that you are truly listening to what they are saying. It also keeps you attentive, and who doesn’t like someone giving you their full attention? This attention leads to closeness and it can also lead to a connection.

So if showing off your clavicles and slathering on the lipstick doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea and you don’t feel much like mirroring someone else, all you have to do to up your flirting game is make some eye contact and be open to conversational opportunities.

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