Get a Pisces to Chase You

Get a Pisces to Chase You

Do you find that you are in love with a Pisces and you want him to fall madly in love with you? Have you met a guy that is not showing you the interest that you want him to, and you want to change that?

If you find that you are dating a Pisces and you want a long-term commitment, you will see that he probably isn’t the best at showing affection. There are some things you can do to make a Pisces chase after you, but you have to know that you need to find ways to get spark into the relationship.

You can take your relationship situation and turn it into something great and make this guy fall strongly in love with you. There are different ways that you can attract someone that is a Pisces and you can even make them fall emotionally in love with you.

Remember, a Pisces man is looking for a star sign that fits perfectly with him and a man with this sign is usually an emotional person because they are water signs and feel things deeply. A Pisces guy is probably very sensitive and so he needs a lady that has these qualities:


When you are attracted to a Pisces, you need to know that they expect you to be kind and loving. They want you to show goodness to them.

You need to remember to ask him how he is and make sure that you are consistent in your love to him. You need to show him kindness and be good to him and others.


Pisces men are often artistic and love to be creative. They like to do things that show off their culture and they want to spend their time doing things hands on.

Creativity is not a forced thing, but you need to begin to add this to your hobby list if you want him to go wild for you. Take time to take a cooking or photography class or go to art studios to look around.

Pisces like people that are creative and that they can show their emotions without using words. They like those that think deeply and will find ways to elevate their moods.

Pisces want to be with someone that has creative energies and enjoys being around that kind of thing.


Men that are Pisces signs like to be with someone that are idealistic and practical. They want to be romantic, but they also want to be more realistic about what is going on around them.

Pisces love idealism because they are able to have dreams and be a dreamer without being put down or made fun of. They like women that find this as being important but also who are balanced and realistic at the same time.


People that are loyal are normally the Pisces sign and they love to be with people that will show them the same loyalty. They also want you to be the person that will show loyalty to your friends and family.

They are turned off by women that do not want to be loyal and go above their heads or are sneaky. They will hold this to you from day one so make sure that you are willing to put the ones that you love first and yourself second if you want this guy to fall for you.

Loyalty is a strong characteristic and because a Pisces is emotional and sensitive, they expect you to be the same. Make sure that you have these qualities, or you will waste your time.


Since a Pisces is so loving and sensitive, they are also compassionate. They want to be kind to others, and they want to meet the needs of people that they meet. They always put others over their own interests.

Being compassionate and loyal makes you feel like a Pisces is too good to be true but remember that this is hard qualities to have. You have to be careful how you react to certain things in your life.

If you have trouble being this person in your heart, the Pisces will know when you are just faking it.


A Pisces guy likes to give things and affection to the girl he is dating. He also wants to be there to support her emotionally and physically. He will be giving and will give you all kinds of support. He will support you in everything that you want to do in life, and he will always be by your side.

This kind of guy wants a woman that will be the same to him. He does not need things to be about materials, but he does like to be spoiled and to spoil who he loves. He wants to be with someone that puts family and him first and he wants to have his affection noticed and given back.


There are many things you can do to attract a Pisces man and there are things in his character that make him a steal. Depending on what you want in life, if you are looking for someone caring, loyal, giving and amazing, look for a Pisces.

Getting Him to Chase You

If you want to be with a Pisces guy, you need him to chase you and here are some ways to make that happen:


Have fun and be creative. Always look for ways to entertain him and you and let him chase you so that you can try new things together.

Since he is very emotional and affectionate and loves loyal people, do things that show him that you are loyal and carrying.

Find things to do like go on a picnic date or take the family out for a dinner and a movie. Always have a fun personality and he will chase you before you know it.


Try to be sensitive and caring and this will make a Pisces guy chase you. Always be honest and open with him and be attentive to his needs. It can be strange not doing things for someone you love but always do this for a Pisces and you will see that he will return the love to you.

A Pisces makes a great boyfriend and he will chase you when the relationship is fresh on his mind and you show him the qualities that he likes.

Play Hard

Do not give in to everything he says right away and make him chase you. Do not play too hard but hard enough that you are a challenge. Impress him with who you are but do not always be available to him when he calls.

Playing hard to get is something that doesn’t work for all guys, but it does for a lot of them and they like a challenge. A guy that is interested will keep working hard till he winds you over.

Signs He Loves You

Once you get him to chase you, you will be able to tell that he is falling for you. He will call you and find out how you are, and you will not be able to get off his mind.

He will see that he is falling for you and is serious for you and he will show you with his emotions and his moods how much he likes you and cares for you.


Another thing a Pisces will do when he is interested is that he will arrange his time so that he can spend it with you.

He will be kind and giving and he will make plans for you that aren’t on big days like birthdays or anniversaries but just for a weekend or a day.

He will love to make plans to see you as much as possible and your relationship will be amazing.


A Pisces guy is very romantic because of his sensitive nature and when you date one, you can expect that he will show romance to you and spoil you as much as possible.

He will love to dine you and take you to candlelit dinners and picnics and anything romantic that he can find to do.


Make sure that you give him reassurance to love you because a Pisces guy always needs to know how important he is to you. He wants to see that you have bonded, and you have strength to make it together.

He will want to see you and make sure that you are not going to betray him or hurt him. He wants to be with you for the long toll and he wants to know you want the same thing.

He will be confident when he is falling in love with you, but he needs reassurance that you are not leaving him along the way.

Be patient with him and show him how you feel and do not hold back on your emotions for him.


When a Pisces guy chases you, you will see that you can have an amazing relationship. You have to have the same requirements that he has, and you need to make sure that you are focusing on being a better person and making sure he is right for you.

Do not work too hard to be with someone, if he wants to be with you then he will put in the effort and you can know that he is worth it when he does.

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