Happier Relationship

8 Things to Do to Have a Happier Relationship

Not all is fair in love.  If you want to have a healthy and happy relationship you need to put in hard work and be present for your partner.  Unfortunately, we have been fed a number of erroneous myths about love.  Below we have listed eight things you can do to increase your odds of finding lasting love.

  1. Make the first move: Take ownership of your actions in all facets of the relationship.  You should never have to wait around for them to take action if there is something you want to do!  Remember, confidence is sexy!
  2. Have external friendships: It’s natural to think of your partner as your best friend, but it’s import to socialize with other people.  This way you have an impartial ear when you need to talk out problems you are navigating in your relationship without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings.
  3. It’s okay to not tell each other EVERYTHING: No one wants to hear about their faults or their bad fashion choices.  Honesty is not always a recipe to happiness in a relationship.  Understand what is important to talk about and what aspect you need to process on your own.
  4. Pick the best time to address issues: Never going to bed angry is not always possible.  Sometimes you really do need to sleep in it so you don’t say anything that you can’t take back.  When you set aside a mutually good time for you both to talk openly about your problems you can maintain clear and level thinking to create the best possible solution.
  5. Fight, but fairly: Even couples who have been married for 50+ years have fought.  Healthy couple understand how to bring up grievances and how to communicate through disagreements.  Make sure you don’t hit below the belt and leave each other drained and deflated.  Work together as a team to address the core issues and create solutions.
  6. Be fair: Don’t be that person that is quick to give an ultimatum.  Making someone pick between things they love equally is unfair and a recipe for relationship woes.  When you put pressure on your love to do something they don’t want, they can begin to resent you.
  7. Don’t lead them on: People don’t want to feel like they are being toyed with.  You both should alternate between who is taking the lead and who is following.  It’s ok to work for some things, but its all about making sure there is balance in your relationship.
  8. Have a healthy sex life: Ensure you and your partner are having sex at a timeline that works for you both.  But try to not put pressure on each other by scheduling sex.  That will prevent you guys experiencing undue stress and placing a potential strain on your relationship.

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