Forever Single

Forever Single

When you have been single for a while, you get used to doing things on your own.  If you want to go somewhere, you do it without worrying about the needs or thoughts of anyone else.  When you enjoy these feelings of being alone and being independent, you still want to have a special connection with someone special and spend your life with them.

Then, you will find yourself calling into the universe that you are ready to date and then you might even pick some dating apps to try out or start going out more.  As time goes on, you might begin to feel that you will not meet anyone and that you really don’t connect with people.

And when you do find someone that gets more than one day, you just don’t feel that you are having a real connection with them.  It seems that no matter what you do, you still aren’t finding the one.

This might be the time where you start thinking about going on a trip and tell yourself that you aren’t meant for the dating game.  You might find that there is no one that you really connect with and decide that you are just going to be single forever.

There are some things that you can do when you start to feel like you will be alone forever.

Feeling Lonely

Just because you like being alone and aren’t needy, sometimes when you are single for a long time you start feeling that you need to be with someone.

When you feel loneliness coming and know that you don’t need anyone, you realize that your life is successful and that you are good alone.

Even though this is true, feeling lonely can be a normal thing and it is just the heart and the universe telling you that it is time to make a connection.  People have relationships and when loneliness comes and we are single, it is like we are being forced to find a companion.  Even if you want a relationship, learn to be clear about what you want and how you want to meet someone.

Do It

Take a break from loneliness and take action to meet someone.  They are not going to just show up at your door and you have to go out and find love.  You might have to set up a dating profile online or you might need to find a new activity to join.  Join a gym or start a new sport.  Find yourself in situations where you are forced to meet people.

This doesn’t mean you will meet the perfect match, but at least you aren’t staying home alone and just watching television all night.


People don’t like to know that dating takes work and they hope that romance just falls in their lap.  It is true that you will meet the right partner and that it should be easy, but you still have to work at it.  You have to do some work on the inside.

You need to find out what you are really looking for wand why you are rejecting people hat you meet.,  You have to figure out what attracts you and what makes you want to go out with certain people.  Do you like taking time to get to know someone or do you ghost them right away because it seems like too much effort?  Do you reject people after a first date?

Asking these questions give you a chance to know what is going on inside of you.  If you have a fear of trust or intimacy, now is the time to figure it out so you can move on with love.


Love does not just happen overnight, and it takes time and effort.  It takes time to build trust to someone and to commit to them.  You cannot fall in love right away and you have to take time to know yourself before you know them.  You need to know what love means to both of you.

It takes time to reflect on love and to figure out how to share it with another person.  Love is not just sex.

It takes courage to be in love and to deal with giving your emotions to other people.  You will need to set boundaries and work through things.  When you get disappointed, you need to take time to heal.  Your heart deserves to meet someone.

Be Fun

Being single isn’t a terrible thing and you need to learn to have fun, even if alone.  Take a trip, find a hobby and do whatever it takes to be happy.  Don’t worry about how life has dealt you things and worry about making your life happier.

Make new friends, be fun and have fun.  Keep living until life gives you what you are looking for.

Sometimes you will feel single forever, especially if its been a long time.  Know that you want to date and acknowledge that you are looking for a partner.  Until then, have fun and enjoy the single life.

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