First Three Months of Dating

What Should Happen In the First Three Months of Dating

The first few months of a relationship are going to tell if you are going to make it to a long-term relationship or if it will end. There are things that people should do at the beginning of their relationship if they want it to last.

People that are in a relationship for around three months don’t really care about the plans that are long term right not because this is something that doesn’t mean anything yet. They have yet to learn who each other are and they do not have any idea of this would possibly be someone they would want to marry in the future or not.

Dating for a few months can be a big accomplishment in todays world where people are fly by night. When you go into a relationship where you just want to be with one person, it can be a challenge, but it can work in the end.


It is important that you set labels on the relationship. Are you dating someone and consider them your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you being exclusive or dating other people? Or is there a chance you are just friends and you like to have a roll in the hay sometimes? It is important to talk about these things.

Whatever kind of label you choose for your relationship, make sure that you make sure both people in the party know what is happening. This isn’t always an easy thing to talk about because it can make someone feel insecure and vulnerable.


Make the decision early if you want to stay together with just one person or if you want to be with multiple people. This is something that needs to be talked about.

If you feel free to go out with other people, make sure that is clear. Have an agreement on this and make sure there are boundaries that are put in place.

Friends and Family

Meeting the friends and family of your partner is a big thing. After a few months, you should have met these people that are important in your partners life. Meeting the parents is a big deal and unless your partner is new to the area and has no friends or family, you should have met these people by now.

After about three months you should be comfortable with your partner enough to meet the people that are in their life. Make sure that the family and friends approve of you and that you are in the right relationship.


Three months should give you enough time to know what the other person is thinking and feeling. You should be able to fight and have an argument here and there but then know about making up.

Giving up on a relationship too soon can be a bad choice. This can bring about unnecessary heartbreak and pain in your heart. Learn to be patient with your partner and learn to talk things out.

Long Term Plans

Discuss the idea of a long-term relationship after being together for about three months. During this time, you should know if this is someone that you would want to spend your future with. Start thinking about marriage at this time.

Discussing plans for the future is a big deal and no one wants to be in a relationship that is just wasting time. Make sure you are on the same page with your partner.

Deal Breakers

Talk about things that are deal breakers such as hooking up with someone while you are dating or going out with someone that smokes or drinks. Your partner should know what you want, and you should know all the quirks and behaviors your partner has at this time.

Make sure that you talk about things that you do not want in a relationship and discuss things that you know you need to tell your partner and vice versa.

Separate Hobbies and Ideas

Even though you are in a new relationship, make sure that you and your partner keep your own hobbies and date nights with the buddies. Be comfortable enough with each other to trust each other.

Spending time away from your partner is a good thing and can make the relationship get stronger and stronger. Learn to enjoy new things even with yourself.

Love Language

Learning the love language of your partner will help keep the relationship strong and on the right track. Maybe you like to get gifts and your partner likes to touch. Do whatever it takes to speak your partners love language.

If your partner loves to get presents, show them how much you love them by adoring them with gifts. It can be small and thoughtful things just to show your love and appreciation.


Being with someone means there needs to be a mutual understanding and respect. One way to break that is to put unrealistic expectations on the relationship. Be patient with your partner and know that you have to figure out how to make things work slowly.

If one of you always wants to have sex and the other one is not always wanting it, make exceptions to please your partner but do not expect them to want to have sex all the time.

Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase is the easiest time in the relationship, and it is a time where you can enjoy each other and have fun. Learn to have fun during this time but know this will not last forever. Things have to get serious sometime.

The honeymoon phase will only last a minute, but you can always feel good about who you are with and being close to the person you want to be with.

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