Letting Go of Past Relationships

Letting Go of Past Relationships

The happiness that you have will depend on you.  If your heart has been broken and you have had insecurities in your relationship, you will see that having a relationship is not easy.  You will see that there will be heartbreak and that you will date people that do not feel the same about you.

When you learn to let go of these feelings in your relationship, you will be happier.  You have to learn to be vulnerable again and not be afraid of getting hurt.


We all regret things we have done or said and, in a relationship,, when it ends, we will regret everything that has went wrong in it.

When you start thinking about the past, focus on the good things in your life and realize who you have become.  You will be better in your new relationships because of what happened.

Tell your friends about what happened and express your feelings but don’t put your ex down.


Take time to forgive yourself of your past mistakes.  You might be in pain right now but don’t go there, instead, remind yourself that you will make mistakes.  You will learn from these and move on in your life.

You want to love again and you have to forgive yourself so you can receive it.

Time Lost

Don’t reflect on your relationship as being time lost.  This is something that was a learning lesson for you and when it ended, it made it easier for you to do other things in your life.

When you cling to the past, you will see that you are missing out on new people and positive things.  Let yourself be empowered and whatever has happened in the past, remember it was a growth set.


Remember that people have grief and sadness.  When you are with someone, memories can make you feel sad.  You will likely remember everything about the relationship and why you broke up.  You might imagine that things would have been better if you did things differently.  Remember you both made mistakes.


When you get out of a relationship, you will have more time for other people.  Connect with someone that is interesting and someone that you knew in the past.

Learn to be happy and passionate and have fun in your life.  Don’t be sad and depressed and clinging to the past.


Separate yourself from your ex.  Do not let there be an attachment to them anymore.  If you ended a friendship with someone, you would know that you can love again.

Don’t try to let someone re-enter your life but move on because things will never be the same.

You will find love again, but it will be different.  You will meet people if you forgive yourself and let go.


Allow yourself to feel.  If you are grieving, it is okay.  If you are shocked, it is okay.  You might feel angry and sadness.  You might feel insecure and defensive.  Eventually you will start feeling better and you will focus on your future.

You have to let the feelings come so that you can get over them faster.

Moving On

Remember that good things come from moving on.  Be open to giving and getting love.  Get over being guilty and obsessing over what was.  Do not give up on things but do not let others pull you down.

You have a reason to give love and to share the joy.

Don’t Be Afraid

Look into what you are feeling and recognize fear.  If you are afraid of having another relationship, move on from this and recognize these feelings.  Don’t think that you will never be loved again, that is not true.  Allow yourself to have peace and to be in love again.


Remember that nothing last forever and embrace this.  Know that a relationship will come, and many will go.  Do not cling to things that happen and allow yourself to live a life of adventure.

Be strong and positive and think about what the future holds for you.  Do not regret the time that you were in a relationship and don’t regret being single.  All stages are just part of your journey.


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