Personality Traits that Create Chemistry Between Couples

Personality Traits that Create Chemistry Between Couples

Nothing is more exciting than finding chemistry with someone where you get chills just when they look in your eyes or touch you.  This is chemistry between you and someone that you like.

There is a scientific reason that some people have chemistry and there has been research on how people have mutual interests and are physically attracted to one another.  There are characteristics that each person has and when someone is similar or in like characteristics, this can bring chemistry.

In a romantic relationship, there needs to be chemistry for intimacy.  Chemistry can happen at the right time when people are magnetized to each other.  This can cause a connection and make people want to commit with each other.

There are reasons that some people will find more chemistry than other people and how people seem to connect.


If you have the same interests as someone you are interested in, chances are you will have a connection that will bring chemistry.  This can cause you to have exciting ideas and dreams with the person that you are looking forward to spending the future with.


When you have a good communication with someone that you are interested in, this brings trust and it is part of your chemistry.  This is when people can say anything to each other without feeling judged.


When someone is kind and compassionate and understanding, it can be an attraction for both people in the relationship.  It shows that two individuals are down to earth and care about each other.


Having intimate chemistry is important because when people are intimate with each other, they can talk about anything and be sincere with one another.


Matching on different attributes is important and having the same values and beliefs can make a relationship stronger.  These similarities make people match and if people are not matched, they will not stay together as long.


Physical attraction is when you look at someone and you see that they have something you want.  This is another form of chemistry that happens when people are looking for a mate.  Friends can become romantic partners because they have attraction to each other.

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