He is Serious about You

Signs He is Serious about You

If you have found this article it is likely because you want to know if he is serious about you. Perhaps you have fluttery feelings, like butterflies, or maybe it is the real deal, true love. Maybe, you are just catching feelings, but do not want to be heartbroken and are looking for signs he is just as serious. Perhaps you just don’t know what is happening and need so clarification. Regardless, this article can help. Below are the big signs that he is serious about you and the relationship. If these do not apply it will help you to decide whether to stay or go, but the decision is yours to make.

You Are a Priority

If someone is really serious about you and creating something more together, then you will be a priority. He will treat you as an important must have, not an afterthought. This does not mean you will always be first, but he will make time for you even when things are busy. If you can tell he is making an effort, then it is a good sign.

Curious About You

If he is curious about you in a deep and sometimes intense way, then he is likely serious. He wants to know all about you to see if he can see a future together. He will want to know all you will share and you should feel the same.

Listens to Your Opinion

Respect is the foundation for every relationship. Respect comes from mutual admiration and trust. It will grow if both partners continue and grow in this respect. If he is asking your opinion on decisions he must make, even if it differs from his own, it is a very good sign. If he takes this opinion seriously, especially about things you are passionate or knowledgeable about, it is likely serious.

Open and Honest

A long-term relationship will not survive without trust. The way to earn trust is to take the time to do so. This happens when you come through repeatedly over time. This can take on different meanings for different people, but it means he can be open and honest with you and trust that you will accept this honesty, even when you may not want to hear what is said. When a guy can be honest and open with a woman, it is huge. It makes him feel more serious about the relationship.

Being Genuine

When both partners can be their genuine selves around one another, it is serious. When we first start dating, we try to put on our best persona, but over time, the true self needs to shine through for a chance at a future. If you feel like you cannot be yourself or he feels he cannot, then the relationship will eventually fall apart. Get comfortable being genuine and seeing the other person for who they are. If this works and you get along, you are compatible and it will help him be very serious about the relationship.

Sharing His Passions

A guy who is serious will be looking toward the future with a woman. One important aspect is whether both people share similar interests. While not a total dealbreaker, in most cases a guy who is serious is going to want to share those things he is passionate about to show you who he really is in life. A man’s passions help define him so if he is sharing them, he is serious.

Keeps His Promises

When a guy is truly serious, he will not want to disappoint. He will make sure he comes through for you when he makes a promise. If you see your man making a huge effort to not flake out, he is serious about the relationship.

Meeting His Friends and Family

When things get really serious, you are an integral part of his life. The huge step of introducing you to family and friends to find out how you get along is important. It is a step towards a serious commitment. If he is making a point of getting you to meet his family and friends, he is getting serious about you and the relationship.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea if he is serious or not. While these are not all the signs, they are the big ones. Go forward knowing what to look for and make decisions based on what you want and need.

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