Leaving Abusive Relationships

Leaving Abusive Relationships

Are you someone that has a life full of abusive and toxic relationships and you realize that you have even been abused as a child? Abuse can be different things such as emotional, physical, sexual and even verbal.

Maybe you have realized that your life was always different and that you never felt the same as other people. You may even have been someone that was always looking for someone to love them and someone that wanted to have a romantic relationship like in the fairy tales. You may have realized that you would never have that, and it caused you to be afraid of being alone.

Wanting Love

Did you spend most of your adult life trying to find attention from anyone that would give it to you? If you were that person, chances are that you have been in one unhealthy relationship after the other. You may have tried different things such as dating sites or being in the dating scene only to find out that you had a hard time finding someone that would love you.

Chances are that you would sacrifice what you believed and everything in you just to have someone to make you feel loved. Even though you didn’t know what real love is, you searched for it.

The problem is that you were not able to love yourself and so you had little respect for who you were. You looked for happiness in someone else when you needed to find happiness in yourself.

Toxic Relationship

Finding someone to love you might start out good and then end up being a toxic relationship. Maybe at first, it was a great relationship, and he would treat you like a queen and then later, the abuse started.

It could be verbal abuse or emotional abuse, but it is abuse, none the less. Maybe he always belittled you or bullied you and then when you had enough, he would tell you his undying love for you.

As your life moved forward, you would realize that he would break promise after promise and apologize over and over again for the poor way that he treated you. You always knew it would never change.

Being a Failure

Maybe you finally realized that you were the problem in the relationship and that your life was a complete disaster. You realized that you were full of emotions, but nothing seemed to help you. You couldn’t even face looking at yourself in the mirror because you saw nothing but a failure.

Ending It

Still being in your relationship, there comes to a point where you realize that this is not what you want, and you are done. Maybe you realize you have lost everything, your money, your time, your health and most of all, your happiness.

You may have found that you had no money, or no job and you were scared of your future but all you knew was that you needed to get out of the abusive relationship that you were in.


Then your healing came. You got out of the relationship and learned to rebuild your life. You found your self-esteem and you realized that you could love who you are.

Maybe you had friends that came back to you and they became your lifesaver. They showed you the respect that you had missed out on and you realized that you could have self-worth and that you can set boundaries in what love is.

It may have taken you a lot of time and hardness to learn these things and with your limited beliefs, it might have taken longer than you had hoped, but you were learning to love yourself.

Learning to Love You

Then once you realize that you can improve who you are and you can heal, you no longer have to deal with being frustrated and messy, but you can learn to be the beautiful and strong person that you are. You learned to respect yourself and to have confidence in who you are.

You stretched yourself and went out of your comfort zone, finding happiness in your life.

Change is Up to You

You might sit back and be thankful for what you have went through because it helped you to change and helped you to be stronger in your life.

Everyone wants to know what the future holds for them and you can have a good future.

Life will only get better when you choose to make it better and when you learn to love yourself and get what you want in life.

Have faith that things can be better and that they can fall in place for you once you leave your abusive relationship. Allow time to move you forward and take the steps to figuring out that you are indeed worthy of real love.

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