Step Back from Your Relationship

Take a Step Back from Your Relationship

Relationships can be hard, especially long-term relationships. It can be hard sometimes to find balance in your life and being able to be with someone that you love.

You can learn to have a relationship and have time apart from each other and sometimes you might need to evaluate your life and learn to step back.

Maybe your partner wants to have some space. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you and that your relationship is not good, this is something that is normal.

Sometimes your partner might not ask you to give them space even when it is needed. They might be too shy or afraid that they might hurt your feelings.

There are signs that you need to pay attention to so that you can know when it is time to step back and give them some space. You never want to cause someone to feel suffocated in the relationship.

If you see these red flags in your relationship, learn to be mindful of what you are doing and how your partner is reacting. Even if they don’t come out and tell you, chances are they are giving you clues that you need to listen to.

Their Job

Even if you are close to your partner, you have to learn to not be involved in their career. You might want to discuss this at the dinner table and find out about each other’s day or you might even want to get advice, but if you are always asking questions or prying them for information about their job, take a step back.

You have to allow your partner to be able to work in their own career and to make decisions and have something that is theirs. They will have goals and aspirations that they want to make in order to be successful.


Socializing together is something that can be amazing but when you are only able to go out if your partner does, this can be a problem.

You and your partner both need to have time to do your own hobbies and to have your own friends.

Learn to spend time apart so that you can get along better and give each other space.

When You Aren’t Invited

Another problem in some relationships is that you might not be invited, and you might still decide to show up. This means that even if you have been together for a long time or if you are a couple, you need to give them space.

If your partner attends social events that are not meant for couples, let them go on their own. Focus on becoming a better you and going out with your own friends.

Speaking for Them

Some people think that when they are with someone that they are always a “we” and that they both have the same feelings. Stop talking for your partner and let them answer on their own.

When someone asks you something, answer “I” instead of “we” and give your partner a chance to have their own opinion.

Even though you do things together, you are still individuals and you don’t want to take this away from them.


When someone is frustrated with you, they get annoyed easy. If you are overly touchy or if you are clingy and your partner is annoyed at you, give them space, and see if it improves.

Making All the Decisions

Being with someone means that you should share the responsibility of making the decisions. If you go out to dinner, you need to let them make choices of where to go. You both should have a chance to make choices about things.

Give your partner space and allow them to have a say in life so that they do not resent you.

Life Without Them

Some people believe that they cannot live if they aren’t with their partner. This is something people say and if you are in a healthy relationship, this shows how much you love each other and that you are loyal to them.

Even if you cannot imagine your life without your partner, you need to know that something could happen, and something could go wrong in your relationship and you might not be with them forever.

Do not be so dependent that you cannot live your life without them. If you find that you panic when they aren’t with you, you need to take a step back and give them space and yourself space as well.

If you love someone, you will want to be part of everything in their life, but the truth is, your partner needs to have some space. You need to be independent as well and so you need to learn to step back sometimes and give the relationship space.

Doing this can save your relationship down the road, especially when things get hard.

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